Align Sales Agency

General Sales Process

This is the general outline of the sales process that most of our clients will follow. However, this isn’t set in stone and details may vary from account to account.

General Sales Process

  • Ad / email / Facebook post / live event
  • Some sort of content that indoctrinates the prospect in the brand and brand promise of the entrepreneur / coach
    • Long form PDF – RE style
    • Webinar
    • Case study
    • Up-Sell from lower-tier program
  • Application is filled out
  • Triage call – 10-15 minute call
    • Optional
    • Give homework!
      • Case studies – good for overcoming money objections
      • Recommend that their significant other comes to the strategy call
  • Strategy call
    • If no show: ask why, and have a process to get the person back on your calendar
    • If a sale:
      • Take payment on the call
      • Have a clear onboarding process
    • If no sale:
      • Decide what do do with the lead
        • Recycle to follow up with at a better time 
        • Refer it out
        • Downsell
      • Do a review of the call
        • List 2 things that could have been done better

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