As I set up this site, I had one key requirement:  it has to look good on all types of devices.  This requirement, called “responsive design” is the new starting point for many for web projects.  With the growth of mobile web access it’s more likely that people will be viewing your site through a phone or tablet in addition to a standard web browser.   I was also drawing upon our experience developing Scorebeam which is an HTML5 web app designed primarily for mobile use.  Once you start paying attention to it, you realize how frustrating it is to pinch and zoom your way around web sites that aren’t responsive.

I can’t recall who it was, but one technology executive cited a statistic that over 30% of their traffic is now coming through mobile devices, but that 30% is 100% of their customers.  In other words, in order to maintain an ongoing relationship with their customers they must provide an acceptable mobile experience.

For this site, I chose WordPress and then restricted my search to only Responsive themes.  I made it a point to view the demo sites through my phone and iPad to make sure that it looked good.  I also took the time to review other sites that I thought were good examples of responsive design.   There are hundreds of Responsive themes from various sources.  I picked one from Mojo-Themes.

It took a little extra fiddling to get the themes implemented properly, but over the long run I know the effort will pay off.  Here are screenshots of this site showing how it adapts to different formats.







Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 9.50.16 AM