Running an early or expansion-stage company is hard. It takes a clear vision, focus on the customer, but more than anything, a commitment to execution and learning. For most entrepreneurs it takes more than a few changes in direction as you lean what you’re building isn’t exactly what the customer wants. When you finally find the right product/market fit, the challenge becomes scaling the company fast enough to keep ahead of me-too competitors.
I’ve been vp of product management, vp of sales, vp of marketing, and president.  In other words, I’ve faced challenges from every angle and understand the different languages and dynamics within the marketing, sales and development teams.  I have deep expertise in SaaS-based businesses for both consumer and B2B applications.  I’ve grown companies from scratch, secured seed funding, worked with blue-chip VCs, been an officer in a company during an IPO, acquired companies, and been acquired (three times).

Here’s how we’ll work on these issues together:


50x50-targetTarget & Market

The most important question is whether a product solves a clear market need. I work with start-ups and new initiatives within bigger companies to find the quickest way to achieve the best product/market fit. We’ll work through a series of questions to help you focus. Who’s your best customer? What’s their title and role? How can you make them happier? We’ll create a detailed persona so everyone in the company can understand exactly who you’re trying to help.


Sell in Sync

There’s a fine line between smart expansion into new verticals and getting spread too thin. I work with companies to identify the best new markets and upsell opportunities. We’ll convey your value and personality in a way that genuinely resonates and establishes an ongoing business relationship based on trust.



Once you understand customer economics — and you’re sure the approach you’ve chosen is appropriate for your price point and sales cycle — the next step is to formalize a process for providing sales reps with the resources they need to identify and close new deals rapidly. What content prompts the highest response? What role and company size generate the best results? We’ll test, measure and refine the process.



I work with sales and development teams to create a rhythm for releases and efficient feedback channels to ensure that the product meets customers’ evolving needs. Once we have a process that works, we’ll create a playbook that can be used by existing reps and new hires to scale sales.

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