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There’s nothing more satisfying than building something new.  I’ve been co-founder and an executive in several successful companies.   I was in the right place at the right time to ride the first wave of the Internet.  At Delphi we became the first consumer online service to offer access to Internet.  It was crazy, fun and rewarding.  I worked within News Corp to help the various brands including Fox, Harper Collins and TV Guide to create their first presence on the web.  From there I joined Individual Incorporated as VP of Internet Ventures and helped with the IPO and development of the personalized business news service called NewsPage.

After Individual, we relaunched Delphi as a build-your-own-forum service and reached over 1 millions users.  We took the technology for Delphi and created a white-label SaaS platform to help business clients create vibrant online communities.  We built a blue chip list of clients including most of the major media companies including CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN, Nickelodeon, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, US News and over 25 newspapers.

I’ve held a variety of positions including vp marketing, vp sales, vp product management, general manager and president.  I’ve worked with angel investors, venture capital, and within a public company. I’ve seen it all — great times, bad times, and plenty of unexpected twists and turns.

AlignSales is the result of 20+ years of experience combined with the latest marketing and sales techniques. When you boil it down, the core principles are very simple: business is about connecting with people at a human level, building trust and solving problems for them. If they succeed you succeed.



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